By Sam (The Honey Guy) | February 13, 2023

What is a cleansing flight? Honeybees can hold their stool for several weeks while waiting out the cold. On days warm enough to fly, bees take flight and relieve themselves. This is called a Cleansing Flight. The nice weather also gives the bees a chance to clean up around the hive.

Hive Check 12/30/2022

By Sam (The Honey Guy) | December 21, 2022

With temperatures reaching upwards of 55 degrees, it wasn’t a bad time to check in on the girls!

Prepping for 2022

By Sam (The Honey Guy) | April 15, 2022

Hives are painted, ready and set for bees!

The Honey Guy

By Sam (The Honey Guy) | April 11, 2017

This was the beginning! I originally started with just two hives, and I suggest starting with two hives. That way you can have another hive for comparison. Location Wales, Wisconsin. 2017